Property Management

Effective property management isn’t easy. It takes attention to detail, constant vigilance, and hard work. But that’s our job. And if we do it right, it should appear easy to our clients. Our clients should see well-maintained properties, clear and timely financial planning and reporting, and fast and thorough responses to their questions… And they do. We take a thorough and tested approach to property management that begins with visiting the property and ends with a detailed plan that our managers can put into action.

The Wexford Process


Visit the Property

We visit the property in advance to gain a better idea of the management needs.


Secure the Site

Have residents identify any life safety hazards that might need to be corrected: smoke detectors and fire systems, secured entry or physical issues that could pose safety risks to residents or guests.


Thoroughly Inspect the Property

Inspect the property and generate a detailed report on all findings. Review all contractual services and the overall expense structure and bid out as appropriate. Prepare a list of deferred maintenance items and required capital improvements.


Conduct Audits

Audit all compliance procedures and determine if any action is required.


Prioritize Spending

Project cash needs based on the property’s condition and incoming revenue.


Provide Detailed Financial Reports

Prepare reports tailored to the specifications of our clients. All reports are done with our Buildium software program and we have full-time accountants available should you ever need assistance with your reports.


Plan for the Future

Create annual budgets to approximate spending and plan for capital projects.